Native Son   by Nambi E. Kelley Based on the novel by Richard Wright Directed by Colette Robert  Featuring April Mae Davis, Julia Gibson, Tia James, Brandon Herman St. Clair Haynes, Sarah Elizabeth Keyes, Amadio Perez, Brandon J. Pierce, Adam Poole, and Daniel P. Wilson  Set Design: Lawrence E. Moten III  Costume Design: Bobbi Owen  Lighting Design: Reza Behjat  Sound Design and Original Music: G. Clausen  Projections Design: Alex Maness  Movement and Intimacy Direction: Tracy Bersley  Vocal Coach: Gwendolyn Schwinke  Fight Choreography: Ryan Gentry  Dramaturg: Adam Versényi  Assistant Director: Chika Ike  Production Stage Manager: Charles K. Bayang  Photos: HuthPhoto
  Behind the Sheet   by Charly Evon Simpson directed by Colette Robert  featuring Stephen James Anthony, Nia Calloway, Naomi Lorrain, Cristina Pitter, Shawn Randall, Joel Ripka, Megan Tusing, Amber Reauchean Williams, & Jehan O. Young  Scenic Design: Lawrence E. Moten III | Costume Design: Sarah Woodham | Lighting Design: Adam Honoré | Sound Design: Fan Zhang | Production Stage Manager: Fran Acuña-Almiron  Photographs by Jeremy Daniel
  On the Exhale   by Martín Zimmerman  directed by Colette Robert  starring Tara Franklin  Set design by Travis George  Costume design by Charles Schoonmaker  Lighting design by Lara Dubin  Sound design by James McNamara  Stage managed by Keri Schultz  Photography by Andrew Greto
  Icons/Idols: outside of Eden   an Archive Residency First-Look Showing  Book and Lyrics by Helen Banner  Music by Grace Oberhofer  Direction by Colette Robert  Music direction by Fernanda Douglas  Co-Producers: Alexandra Cadena and Madeleine Goldsmith  With: Hilary Asare, Iris Beaumier, Carolyn Berliner, Emily Brown, Hannah Eakin, Kristian Espiritu, Shanta Parasuraman, Yael Shavitt, Katie Weber, and Joell Weil  Musicians: Robert Fernandez, Lydia Paulos, and Justin Zakrajsek  Scenic Design: An-Lin Dauber  Lighting Design: Jay Ryan  Costume Design: Emily Bono  Props: Rhys A. Roffey  Stage Manager: Margaret Gleberman  Photography: Jo Chiang
  Tempo   by Harron Atkins  directed by Colette Robert  featuring Cecil Blutcher and Wesley T. Jones  as a part of the 37th Marathon of One Act Plays, Series B  at Ensemble Studio Theatre  Set Design: Frank Oliva  Costumes: Izzy Fields  Lighting: Greg MacPherson  Sound: Almeda Beynon  Props: Caitlyn Murphy  Production Stage Manager: Eileen Lalley  Photographs by Jeremy Daniel
  Revolt. She said. Revolt again.   by Alice Birch  Directed by Colette Robert  featuring Nell Bailey, Rupert Fennesy, Asha Futterman, Diego Lomeli, Pearl Mutnick, and Phanesia Pharel  Set and Projections by Edward T. Morris  Lighting by Stacey Derosier  Costumes by Deepsikha Chatterjee  Sound by Broken Chord  Photographs: Edward T. Morris and Stephen Yang
  Ma Rainey's Black Bottom   by August Wilson  directed by Colette Robert  featuring Tim Creavin, Ronald Emile, James Henry, Chris Herbie Holland, Tyler Hubbard, Branden Lindsay, Kareem Lucas, Dela Meskienyar, Grace Porter, and Michael Tunstill  Set Design: Andrew Moerdyk  Lighting Design: Bailey Rosa  Costume, Hair, and Make-up Design: Ramaj Jamar  Sound Design and Music Director: Avi A. Amon  Production Stage Manager: Caitlin O'Rourke  as a part of the NYU Tisch Grad Acting and Design programs  Photography: Ella Bromblim
  Big Love   by Charles Mee  directed by Colette Robert  Choreography: Gabrielle Schutz  Scenic Design: Travis George  Costume Design: Liz Prince  Lighting Design: Thomas Miller  Sound Design: Giovanni Kavota and Kaya Hubbard  Fight Choreography: Thor Mandanis  Production Stage Manager: Kaya Hubbard  Assistant Director: Kelsi Parsons  featuring Kasey Britt, Georgia Cohen, Nora Daly, Tessa Dougherty, Ethan Graham-Horowitz, Zia Lawrence, Talie Leeb, Sage McKay, Rachel Mikita, Tam Nguyen, Julius Powell, Raphael Schoeberlein, Parker Sela, Kyra Siegel, and Joe Weinberg
How My Grandparents Fell in Love
  Hottentotted   by Charly Evon Simpson  directed by Colette Robert  with Monica Jones, Starr Kirkland, Cristina Pitter, Erin Roché, Akyiaa Wilson, and Jehan O. Young  Choreographer: Selena Brown  Lighting Designer: Michael McGee  Photos by: Josh Luxenberg
The Mountaintop
  Icons/Idols: Irene   Book and lyrics by Helen Banner Composed by Grace Oberhofer Directed by Colette Robert Choreographed by Erik Thurmond  with Jessica Cannizzaro, Rachel Caplan,Gabriella Concepción, Katie Consamus, Helen Coxe, Isabella Dawis, JoAnn Eubanks, Eileen Farley, Lynnette Freeman, Aja Singletary, Adenike Thomas, Katie Weber, Akyiaa Wilson, and Adam Davenport  Scenic Designer: Angelica Borrero Costume Designer: Madeline Corson Lighting Designer: Jay Ryan Props Designer: Ryan Courtney Line Producer: Eric Marlin Prod. Stage Manager: Jenny Ainsworth Assoc. Set Designer: Trang Nguyen Sound Mentor: Nathan Leigh Sound Designer: Grace Oberhoffer Assoc. Producer: Rachel Abrams Asst. Stage Manager: Patrick Harnett-Marshall  Photos by Eliot Olson
  Something Like Loneliness   by Ryan Dowler  directed by Colette Robert  with Jane Pfitsch and Chris Wight  Scenic Designer: Nick Francone Costume Designer: Rachel Dozier-Ezell Lighting Designer: Greg MacPherson Sound Designer: Daniel Spitaliere Properties Masters: Kate Lundell Production Stage Manager: Eileen Lalley Technical Director: Steven Brenman Casting: Tom Rowan Rehearsal Stage Manager: Jay Levy
  when last we flew   by Harrison Rivers  directed by Colette Robert  with Faeren Adams, Marshall Anderson, Lynae DePriest, Deanna Driscoll, Rory Lipede, Noah Longton, and Cordell Mosteller  Producers: Anthony Francavilla, Seena Hodges, and Eric Louie  Set Designer: Matt Scott  Lighting Designer: Luke Olson  Costume Designer: Shirley Pierson  Sound Designer: Blair Robert Nelson  Props Designer: David J. Medina  Stage Manager: Megan Ames  Photos by Luke Olson