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The New Georges JAMboree

Its the 2018 JAMboree from The New Georges Jam, our collaboration-based performance gym for early-career theatermakers

happening in two separate evenings May 15 and 16 at The Tank on W. 36th Street.  Both run under 90 minutes, and therell be drinks and snacks (and Girl Scout cookies  its a Jamboree!) in the lobby after!  Details below.

Tuesday May 15
in The Tanks 99-seat theater, four highly-theatrical projects demonstrate proof of concept in 20-minute workshop showings!

Sarah Einspanier / Caitlin Sullivan
with music by Deepali Gupta

Ruffles, or, A Progression of Rakes
Normandy Sherwood

We Used to Wear Bonnets & Get High All the Time
Julia May Jonas / Sarah Hughes   
with Lanxing Fu,ZoëGeltman,Courtney G. Williams, more
and music by Brian Cavanagh-Strong

plural (love)
Kristine Haruna Lee / Morgan Green
collaborators/performers Jen Goma, Kristine Haruna Lee, Morgan Green

Wednesday May 16
in the 56-seat thrust space, we test drive new works in a variety of formats!

song: The Nuns of Prinkipo from Icons/Idols: The Eunuchs Part One: Prinkipo
Helen Banner / Colette Robert   
with music/music direction by Grace Oberhofer

Whip it Up with Wendy
Tasha Gordon-Solmon / Christina Roussos
with Alex Trow
Whip It Up with celebrity chef and lifestyle guru Wendy G, live onMay 16! 

Meditations Toward a Magnetic North
Tasha Gordon-Solmon / Estefania Fadul
An exploration of memory, history and finding your way home. 

Climate Change: An Opera (with as of yet no music)
Zarina Shea / Sarah Hughes
with Lanxing Fu, Harmony Stempel and Tanyamaria

Stella Stein: A Parable
Zarina Shea / Sarah Krohn
with Matthew Korahais and Zarina Shea

The Garbologists
Lindsay Joelle / Celine Rosenthal

All at 7pm, all at The Tank, 312 W. 36th Street, 2nd floor

in the lobby at The Tank:
our bodies, our in-between-ness,
and other deep thoughts
a dramaturgical installation by Colette Robert and Natalie Robin

The Jam co-leaders, 2016-18: Sarah Krohn & Colette Robert